Devil May Cry 5: expect more information and fresh gameplay at gamescom 2018

August will be here before you know it.

Fortnite PlayStation 4 Bundle arrives next month with exclusive skin

For those in the market for a PS4.

PS Store Flash Sale: take up to 70% off games like Doom, DMC 4

Rather large list of games on sale.

Pokemon Go trading update is live, Alolan Rattata and Regice added

Legendary Pokemon Regice has stared appearing in Gym Battles.

Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom patch adds two additional difficulty levels

Greater difficulty nets greater rewards.

Multiplayer shooter World War 3 will be at gamescom - see the new screenshots - VG247

Hopefully that means gameplay is not far off.

Multiplayer shooter World War 3 will be at gamescom - see the new screenshots - VG247

Hopefully that means gameplay is not far off.

Life is Strange 2 release date set for late September

Yes! September is just around the bend, really.

Smash Bros Ultimate character roster - every fighter for the Switch Smash listed - VG247

Super Smash Bros Ultimate has a shed load of characters and stages. Here's Nintendo's full character list, plus our sleuthing to figure out all the stages shown so far - there's a lot!

Pokemon Let's Go should be quite the nostalgia trip, but it also underlines the need for a truly new Pokemon experience - VG247

The ideas Pokemon Let's Go borrows from its mobile sibling work well enough, but it still leaves us longing for next year's full adventure...

A Way Out director Josef Fares is sick of people obsessing over game length and replayability - VG247

"When my publisher [asked about game length] I was like, ‘Why are you asking that? I’m not even going to answer that shit’.”

The games we thought for sure would be at E3 2018 but were nowhere to be found - VG247

Now that we survived E3, where the hell were all these games?

The Crew 2 open beta: times, content, progression, how to get in - everything you need to know

Quick reminder for those who were still in bed asleep when it kicked off.

PUBG has lost half of its player base on Steam since January - VG247

The constant growth has now turned into a constant decline.

This week's best gaming deals: Poke Ball Plus, PUBG, 4K TVs, and more - VG247

Everything (outside of Steam) you can spend money on this weekend.

Former Criterion devs announce Danger Zone 2, Dangerous Driving - VG247

Two new games from ex-Criterion developers at Three Fields.

Gears 5 is targeting 60fps across all modes - VG247

Let's hope they get there.

Red Dead Redemption 2 is coming to PC - VG247

The best news you will hear all week.

Shadowrun Returns is free right now on the Humble Store

It's free and a really good game to boot.

Killing Floor 2 is free to play this weekend for PS Plus and XBL Gold users

May not be free to play this weekend on PC, but it's on sale through Steam.

Forza Horizon 4: here's five new features to get excited about

The new features should please fans of the series.

Steam Summer Sale 2018 is live: discounts on Fallout, Halo Wars, Tyranny, more

Hopefully, you'll have better luck loading the page up than we did.

Resident Evil 2 remake interview: "You won't ever feel completely safe" - VG247

We chat to the producers of Resident Evil 2 remake about difficulty, respecting the original and more:

Westworld mobile game released for Android and iOS

Control your very own park.

Minecraft creator's Scrolls game released for free with a new name

Community server available, or you can run your own.

Rebellion is prototyping its CEO’s dream game - a game that’s been on his mind for 15 years - VG247

We also spoke to him about living by the knight's code.

Nintendo, Smash Bros. were the most Tweeted about topics and reveals at E3 2018 - VG247

Lots of talk about Nintendo and its games at E3.

Several PC games drop tracking software Red Shell following outcry - VG247

You may hear more about this from the devs of some of your favourite games.

“I’m not running a business to just make profit” - Rebellion CEO Jason Kingsley - VG247

"A business has to make profit, it has to turnover, we have to get enough money to make the next game, but our motivation is to do cool stuff.”

Sniper Elite developer Rebellion is “working on Switch titles” - VG247

More games for the Nintendo console is a good thing.

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